Southern Scapes - Tree & Outdoor Services
    Since every project is unique, this is only a basic list of some of the services that we provide.  Depending on the individual needs of each client, we can acquire the equipment and resources necessary to complete the job.
Our  services include:
Lawn Care:
   Regular Maintenance: Cutting, Edging, Weed-eating, & Blow-off
Adding sand to fill dips                and increase turf density                
  Aerating (Core / Plug)
 Removing plugs of soil will allow better water penetration, sand from topdressing to deposit and mix in the soil, and distribute these plugs of turf throughout the lawn to encourage growth elsewhere.
 Diagram of Plug Removed:
 Leaf and Debris Removal
Having trees, especially hardwoods, can be a joy and sense of frustration.  Fall time can mean truck loads of leaves falling on your lawn, potential suffocating it if they become wet and dense, allowing not sunlight and oxygen to penetrate.  Regular lawn maintenance will help to reduce leaf and pinestraw build-up, but sometimes the job can become ovewhelming.  When it does, we can help!
                Before                                               After
New Lawns: Sod Installation
If you have purchased a newly built home with no back yard lawn installed, or unsightly seed and wheat straw thrown out by the builder, let us help you select the correct turf for your yard based on sun light conditions and your texture preference.
If you have any existing lawn that has eroded away, thinned out beyond the point of aerating and top-dressing, would like to expand the size of your yard, or are unsatisified with the current type of turf you have, let us help!  Call today for a FREE consultation, where we call discuss options available for your terrain and sunlight, as well as the pro's and con's of each kind of turf.
              St. Augustine
Landscape:   Landscape Installation and Maintenance
      Plants (flowers, shrubs, vines, & ground covers)  and  Trees Installed
                         Mulch, River Stones, and Pine Straw Installation
Bed-Edging done to create a clean lip around the Perimeter of a Bed
Drainage Installation
Down-spout Erosion
    Erosion Caused by Run-off                                     Catch Drain
Standing Water on Lawn 
             Standing Water                                               Lawn Drain
Standing Water in Beds
          Standing Water                                            Landscape Bed Drain  
Erosion Control
               Silt Fence               
            Rip Rap Stones           
 Grading & Excavation
Bobcat Work
Brush Cutting / Removal  &  Bush Hogging
Storm Clean-up and Debris Removal
Tree Work
Pruning and Removal
Stump Grinding
Brush Clearing and Haul-off
Climbers / 75' Elevator Bucket Truck
A300 Bobcat with Turf Tires
Low-Impact Techniques used to protect
   landscape and lawn.
Firewood Sales
 Call for Volume Discounts and Specials.  Delivery available.
Pressure Washing
        (Pavement and Home Exterior)
Holiday Lighting Installed
       Multiple Story Houses
                 Large Trees