Southern Scapes - Tree & Outdoor Services
 Make a Payment
To use a credit card or PayPal to make a payment for a service, please click the "Add to Cart" button, and change the quantity to the total price of amount due.  For example:  a Tree Removal of $1,495.73 would be entered in the Quantity Box as:  1495.73  
Once complete, please proceed to check-out.
*Note:  Unfortunately, a 3% fee is charged by PayPal for this service.  For payments over $1,000 in value, please add 3% of your amount to your total, to create a new Grand Total that will be due.  For example:   $1,495.73 x 1.03 (3%) = $1,540.60  New Amount Due
This additional fee is not optional, and must be added, or you will be sent a bill for this amount due.
Pay a Specified Amount
Change the quantity to multiple by 1.00 and equal the necessary amount.
Price: $1.00