Southern Scapes - Tree & Outdoor Services
The Tree Division
We offer a full range of tree related services and competitive pricing.  Being fully insured (Worker's Comp & Liability) and licensed, you can rest assured that our great prices do not come at the expense of quality or coverage.  Having the latest equipment and techniques, we operate with low impact / minimal ground disturbance to your lawn and landscape.
Our Services Include:
- Tree Removal                   - Under-Brush Clearing / Bush-hog work
 -Pruning                             - 75' and 4x4 Bucket Trucks
- Stump Grinding              - 24/7 Emergency Tree Response             
- Arborist & Climbers      - Complete Storm Clean-up
Climbers are used for most Tree Removals
Southern Scapes Tree Climber - used for Dangerous Tree Removal and Pruning
The A300 - All Wheel Steer - Bobcat
(leaves minimal turf disturbance, yet great lifting stregnth!)
Southern Scapes - A300 Bobcat used by the Tree Service for tree and debris removal.  Low impact turf tires minimize damage to yards.
All of the Equipment Needed to Work Quickly and Efficiently, with virtually no down-time during a tree job
Southern Scapes - Tree Crew: Chip Truck and Chipper, Grapple Dump Truck for Logs, and Bobcat
Self-Loading Grapple Dump Truck speeds up the process, saving the Bobcat and Operator time
Southern Scapes - Tree Crew: Grapple Dump Truck for Logs and brush debris, Vermeer 1800 chipper and chip truck
The A300 Bobcat has great lifting strength and the height to load any dump truck, requiring less manual handling of the logs by the crew, reducing fatigue and man-power needed on-site.
Southern Scapes - Tree Crew:  A300 Bobcat with Great Lifting capability for logs and tree debris.  Grapple Dump Truck & Chip Truck.
Southern Scapes - Tree Service: self-loading grapple, can load itself if the Bobcat isn't available.
The 360* Rotating Log Grapple with Winch allows us to reach fallen trees in ravines or in tight / odd places such as creeks and lakes.
Southern Scapes - Tree Service: A300 Bobcat with 360 degree Ryan's Rotating Grapple with winch, capable of removing logs in tight or hard to reach areas such ravines, creeks, and lakes.
Stump Grinding
Southern Scapes - Tree Service: stump grinding on tree removal and existing stumps.
Bandit 1890 Chipper  - capable of up to 19" diam. Logs
( This translates to more wood mulched, less debris to haul-off = saves you $ )
Southern Scapes - Tree Service: Monster 19
  Cleared Brush being mulched for ground cover 
(This cost effective option gives you FREE mulch and saves you $$ because your are not charged to haul the mulch off)
Southern Scapes - Tree Service: Vermeer chipper can be towed around job sites and chip on-site, leaving mulch for the customer to re-use.
Terex 75' Elevator Bucket Truck
(The ability to reach more and maneuver into tighter spaces)
Southern Scapes - Tree Service: Terex 75' Elevator Bucket, rare and specialized for height jobs and large tree removal, as well as techical canopy lifts (trimming and pruning).
Day Rate Examples:   
                           (Call for more information on this Pricing Pkg)
West Coweta Co. Mountain Home  -  Opening Up the View
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Riverdale Hillside Home - Removing Dangerous Trees & Clearing Excess Shade
Land Clearing Services:
                               The "Brushcat"   (bush-hog)  attachment:
Southern Scapes - Bobcat Service:  T190 tracked Bobcat skidsteer with Bush-hog for brush clearing in wooded lots, fields, and swamp areas.
This attachment is used for clearing field-grass, kudzu, briers and thickets, small sapling trees, and heavy brush areas.  It can help you reclaim an over-grown pasture, retention pond, empty lot, or any area that is beyond the capability of a regular lawn mower or even a tractor and bush-hog.  Being on a tracked Bobcat, this combination can clear swampy / low-lying areas, ravines / ditches, and other areas where a tractor may get stuck.
Customer Project:  Kudzu-covered woods with undergrowth and vines
Before - Brushcat  has just made its initial pass         
Southern Scapes - Bobcat Service:  T190 tracked Bobcat skidsteer bush-hogging kudzu overtaking woods in a residential neighborhood.
During - scraping ground clean to remove kudzu roots    
Southern Scapes - Bobcat Service:  T190 tracked Bobcat skid steer grading the lot after it has had the kudzu bush hogged.
After - fresh pine straw throughout
Southern Scapes - fresh pine straw installed in the area bush-hogged and graded, after kudzu was removed.
 Forestry Mulcher attachment
This attachment is used for clearing densely wooded areas, with it capable of mulching down whole standing trees up to 8" in diameter.  It also excels at kudzu and other difficult vines and briers.  It leaves a mulch by-product that looks great and is much more efficient than cutting by hand to clear an area.  These costs would include the labor of several people who after chainsawing, would also have to haul-off and dispose of the tree debris in a chipper.  With this machine, one man can clear up to four acres of brush per day.  Being on a tracked Bobcat, this combination can clear swampy / low-lying areas, ravines / ditches, and other difficult areas with ease.  For creating walking trails or thinning dense woods, this is a great solution!
Southern Scapes - Bobcat Service:  tracked Bobcat skidsteer forestry mulcher clearing a wooded area.
Southern Scapes - Bobcat Service:  tracked Bobcat skidsteer forestry mulching saplings and underbrush.
Carrying out vines and non-mulchable debris with the Grapple
Southern Scapes - Bobcat Service:  tracked Bobcat skidsteer with grapple, carrying vines and non-chippable debris for haul-off and disposal.
Southern Scapes - Bobcat Service:  CAT tracked skid steer with Forestry Mulcher, clearing brush in an overgrown area.
Southern Scapes - Bobcat Service:  CAT tracked skid steer with Forestry Mulcher for clearing field grass, vines, underbrush, saplings, and small trees.