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Community Outreach: Fayette County Fall Fair 2012


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Community Outreach: Fayette County Fall Fair 2012

     We recently had a fantastic opportunity while attending the Fayette County Kiwanis Fair - Fall 2012.  This was our first year having a booth and display at the fair, which traditionally has never had large tree and landscape equipment on display, and was great for both kids and adults who were curious about the different gadgets... I mean attachments, that a Bobcat can use, and the equipment and techniques we use for fast and efficient handling and removal of trees and brush.  They had a chance to see how the equipment functions (especially the 75' Elevator Bucket Truck, which is a rare and unique scissoring boom system), and met the operators and our tree climbers, who could answer questions and tell stories of some of the tense situations they've encountered. 
    We also brought the crane, which we originally had intended to use to hoist our sign.  While setting up the equipment, we noticed one key feature missing from the Fair:  the American Flag.   The VFW post from Fayetteville had set their booth up across from us, so we inquired about the flag.  It turns out the Fayetteville Fire Dept. normally brings their large ladder truck to display the flag, but it was unavailable at this time.  We asked if it would be possible to use our crane instead for displaying the flag, and they thought that would be a great idea.  We proceeded to pick up the flag from the fire dept... which we didn't realize how large it was until we arrived at the fire house with a shortbed pick-up (6' bed) and went to put the flag in the back... it was a 15' wide flag long!!  WOW, we needed a longer truck just to transport the flag. 
    Our booth was located near the entrance to the fair, so the crane and flag were in a great location to greet visitors, and a spotlight off the warehouse building behind the crane back-lit the flag perfectly at night!  Everything worked out great, and the fair operators even paused all the rides and activities during the initial raising of the flag for the National Anthem.  The song was played at the concert stage and broadcast across the fair, causing everyone there to stop and pay tribute to the flag and veterans who were handling it.  This was a fantastic moment to be apart of and an honor, Southern Scapes is extremely grateful for being given the opportunity to display our American Flag for the city of Fayetteville.
Tree Removal Equipment: Crane, Chip Truck, Chipper Bobcat, Bucket truck at Fayetteville GA fair